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Board Upgrades

Sydney Switch Electrical Services have mastered the trade of electrical switchboard upgrades and repairs. With a accredited team of electricians you know that the outcome will be met! Out dated electrical switchboards are highly prone to short-circuit configurations. Their fuses are more harmful resulting in detrimental accidents and rapid fire spread! At Sydney Switch Electrical Services, we demonstrate and explain to all our clients the procedures we utilise to enhance and upgrade worn-out electrical switchboards. This projects our professionalism and makes us stand out from the crowd.

If you do not plan to live inside a life-threatening atmosphere, consult Sydney Switch Electrical Services for leading switchboard upgrades. By adding the appropriate safety switches and performing an electrical reconfiguration you can enjoy all household appliances, stress-free! Our team of exquisite electricians are able to carry out all of your electrical switchboard wiring and switchboard upgrades to your home or commercial property. Upgraded switchboards also allow you to use more appliances and electrical machinery, simultaneously.


A simple guide to gauging the effectiveness of your switchboard is to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the power go out when you turn on additional appliances?
  • Do the lights in your home flicker?
  • Does your fuse box still use ceramic fuses?
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